Sunday, February 16, 2014

Word Processor Recommendation - Q10

There are so many distractions when it comes to writing using the computer. The is only just a click away to pry you away from what you are doing. Even the solitaire or minesweeper beckons every once in a while, making you want to procrastinate for a few minutes.

When it comes to writing, my default word processor of choice is the Microsoft Word. It offers a plethora of bells and whistles for any of your writing needs.

Alternatively, LibreOffice is a free word processing software, albeit with fewer capabilities. I have it installed in my computer, but I use it only when Microsoft Word or my other preferred word processor - the Q10 - acts up.

But when I need to write without distractions, my go to word processor is Q10.

Q10 is a minimalist word processor - the moment you open it, you will see a full screen of black space. No additional buttons or tabs, little to no diversions.

Another feature I like about Q10 is the typewriter sound effect (which you can turn on and off). It may be just placebo, but the sounds it makes pushes me to type more. I was still able to use a typewriter when I did my school projects, and I associate the typewriter unadulterated typing. But unlike typewriters, I can do touch typing with Q10.

The sound and the absence of clutter has definitely helped me concentrate on my writing. Needless to say, Q10 is highly recommended for writers who need to focus on their work.

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