Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Price Gap on Androids and iPhones

There is a recent article on phoneArena detailing the widening price gap between Apple iPhones and Android phones.

The gap is understandable, considering that there are more and more cheap and cheap Android phones being released nowadays.

However, even comparing the new Apple iPhone 5s with the high-end Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One, the iPhones end up more expensive.

The question is, what will you choose between iPhone and Android phone, if they have the same having the same specs?

I really like the iPhone's and its apps' polished look and the simple interface. But I'd rather have the Android's customization it offers. I like the fact that I can root my phone, the customization of the look, and the freedom to choose which launchers keyboards to use, the option to place useful widgets, among others.

Choosing one over the other may depend on the user, but I personally like Android phones because it offers more functionality-wise.

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