Friday, February 21, 2014

Dual Sim Android Phone Recommendation

Mobile phone capabilities have come a long way. I am particularly happy that dual sim capabilities of mobile phones have grown leaps and bounds.

Dual sim mobile phones of the past usually ended up in compromises for the consumer. In some phones, you could only make one sim active at any one time. In other phones, their capabilities were compromised to accommodate the dual sim functionality.

Right now, there are a number of Android phones that offer top notch dual sim capabilities without sacrificing the full functionality of the Android ecosystem.

One phone I particularly like is the Alcatel OneTouch Idol.

I have two sim cards for two separate carriers, and I got tired of carrying two phones with me all the time. That is why I took the plunge and bought OneTouch, and I have not once regretted the purchase.

Right off the bat, I was liberated from carrying two bulky phones, while the phone's hardware (it is quad core already) rivals the top Android phones in the market.

The dual sim capabilities are seamless - both sims are always active at the same time. I can can receive, make, or send calls and messages from both sims without any additional configuration on my part. I can also assign the default sim for texting, for calling, and for mobile data.

The only drawback from using the phone is its mobile data. It does not offer LTE yet. Also, as you may know, when you use the phone to send an SMS or to call someone, the mobile data gets cut off momentarily. Having two sims and potentially receiving twice as much texts messages or phone calls mean that the mobile data gets cut off more often.

Despite the drawback, I am very satisfied with my phone. I have used the Alcatel OneTouch for about half a year now, and I have no plans of replacing it any time soon. To sum up my experience, it's like having two Samsung Galaxy S4 phones for a fraction of the price.

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