Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NBA Fantasy Update

As predicted, the NBA fantasy website screwed up. I joined two leagues in the NBA website for good measure. And now, both leagues are lying dormant as of this writing. The drafts were did not take place, leaving the managers of both leagues dumbfounded. Next year, I'll definitely stick with Yahoo.
New Orleans phenom Chris Paul is having another fantastic start, with phenomenal assist numbers and great across-the-board numbers. Philadelphia's Elton Brand, ranked 6th-10th in pre-draft rankings, is struggling with his shooting percentages and turnovers. He clearly has not fully recovered from last year's injury. Among the rookies, Miami's Michael Beasley and Chicago's Derrick Rose post impressive numbers. Although Beasley will probably have better numbers at year-end because of the volatile guard situation in Chicago.
In a somewhat related news, the Wall Street Journal reports that Joseph Abboud will be providing the 30 NBA head coaches with suits, sport coats, dress slacks and ties. Methinks that Joseph Abboud is taking advantage of the fact that NBA coaches unlike other sports coaches, wear suits. Good for the clothing line if the coach wearing the suit is suave like Pat Riley. But if it's the likes of Stan Van Gundy, forget it.


sabahking said...

u like to watch NBA izzit?

P.L.S. said...

Yeah, whenever I have the chance.