Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Add a Recent Comments List

Sometimes, reading the comments of a blog is half the fun, because you can follow the dialogue between the blogger and the commentators. Even better, I like to get into the mix and have a friendly discussion. That is why I prefer blogs that have a conspicuous Recent Comments list. Such a list is good for both the blogger and commentator because they can both keep track of the most recent discussions.
If you have a Blogger account and you want to have a Recent Comments list too, just go to Blogger Buster. You'll see there a box which asks ask for the heading, your blog address, the summary size, etc. Fill in the necessary info in the box. Click apply, and then click Add widget to my blog
You will then be directed to another page. Just choose the blog account, then click Add widget. It will then direct you to the layouts page. You'll then see the Recent Comments gadget in your blog.
Mine was placed at the top right side of my layout by default. Just place the Recent Comments gadget to wherever you want it to be and voilĂ ! You now have your own Recent Comments list.

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