Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shooting Frenzy

I've always wanted to have an SLR camera - you know, those bulky, professional looking camera with lenses obscenely protruding. i have a friend who sa one, and I always borrow it whenever I get to have a chance. In those rare times that I handle his camera, I always try to practice the intricacies of focusing, zooming and shot composition.I haven't mastered them. I think it will take years for anyone to really master photography. Just like poker, photography takes minutes to learn and years to master.
A New York Times article has reported that Panasonic is releasing a camera ahead of its time: it can capture SLR-quality pictures with the ease of a point-and-click camera, and more.
But considering that this is a relatively new technology, it necessarily comes at a steep price of $1,500. What's more, the size of these first generation cameras are just slightly smaller than SLR cameras. But no matter, the potential of the technology alone will make any camera enthusiasts and wannabe-photographers will make them salivate.

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